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What is Picture Etching?
Image etching, which is likewise called chemi etching, chemical etching or image chemical milling (PCM) is a production procedure which utilizes ferric chloride as an etching chemistry to produce detailed and extremely exact accuracy metal parts.
Metal etching uses a really quick turn-around alternate option to other procedures such as marking, punching, water jet or laser cutting especially for extremely fine function complex metal parts from 0.0127 mm-- 1.60 mm thick in a lot of metal types.
The metal is cut, cleaned up and then laminated with a blue UV photo-sensitive resist, which is then printed with your wanted CAD art work design profile.
After printing your design, the metal is then established, which successfully removes any unexposed photo-resist from the print process, leaving a raw metal profile track line for the etchant chemistry to etch through the metal.
After engraving out the profile style, we just remove the blue UV photo-sensitive withstand to leave the raw metal parts either loose or tabbed into the bigger decoration sheet.
Click the link here to see the complete photo engraving procedure start to complete
Metal Etching Benefits consist of: Picture etching is a totally burr free and worry-free procedure with no mechanical force or heat being applied to the metal parts during production.
Artwork remains in CAD format and transferred to an acetate photo-tool, therefore any style modifications are extremely simple modify and extremely fast implement and cost Stainless Steel Filter effective. We provide TOTALLY FREE photo-tool artwork at Qualitetch, as soon as you supply a DXF of your required profile, however a number of our competitors charge up to ₤ 100+ for this service.Our image etching procedure does not recognise the intricacy of your style therefore parts with numerous holes such as meshes can be manufactured at no extra expense than a simple shape profile.Tolerances provided from +-0.025 mm dependent on product type and thickness.FAST lead-times with parts offered within a few days.
What metals do we work with?Photo etching, likewise referred to as chemical etching or photochemical machining, is a highly exact, economical metal machining process utilized to produce complicated parts from a vast array of metals.
We offer a market-leading photo engraving service, specialising in the co-development of photo-etched component options for leading companies in more than 30 nations.

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